Virago Restaurant, by M Street, in the Gulch Neighborhood

Nashville, TN

Virago is a high-end Japanese restaurant located in the trendy neighborhood of The Gulch in Nashville, Tennessee.

The restaurant is part of the MStreet restaurant group, which also owns and operates several other popular restaurants in Nashville, including Kayne Prime, Moto Cucina, and Saint Anejo.

Virago's menu features a variety of Japanese dishes, including sushi, sashimi, and hot entrees. The restaurant is known for its creative and innovative dishes, which are made with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

In addition to its food, Virago is also known for its stylish and sophisticated atmosphere.

The restaurant's sleek, modern design features a blend of Asian-inspired decor and contemporary lighting.

The centerpiece of the restaurant is the sushi bar, where guests can watch the chefs create their dishes.

Virago also has an extensive sake and cocktail menu, which features a variety of hand-crafted cocktails and an impressive selection of sake from around the world. The restaurant's knowledgeable staff can help diners choose the perfect drink to complement their meal.

Overall, Virago is a must-visit restaurant in Nashville for anyone looking for a high-end dining experience.

The restaurant's exceptional service, delicious food, and stylish ambiance make it one of the most popular dining destinations in the city.

This is top of my list to try, who’s joining me?

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